West Linton Primary

As an MISP instructor, I’ve been very fortunate to have the opportunity to implement the ‘Massage in Schools Programme’ in my children’s classes. I have 2 children, P7 and P3, and have ‘followed’ them through the years since my eldest was in P3. More recenty, I’ve begun to introduce MISP into the P1 classes and hope to follow them through their years as well! It’s such a joy to teach the massage to the children and in fact, they have been my teacher since they are endlessly creative with the programme. The feedback from staff and parents has been brilliant. I truly feel that MISP is an essential part of everyone’s education since one needs a healthy body, mind and spirit in order to be a well balanced, healthy individual. The ‘Massage in Schools Programme’ has all the right elements: an ethos of respect, communication and nurturing touch. The classroom atmosphere always feels positively enhanced after a massage session!

– Isabel Fraser MISP Instructor, September 2009

Here are some quotes from a P5/6 class:

“I like massage because it’s relaxing, it feels good. My favourite stroke is Baker.”

“It makes me feel calm and ready for the day.”

“I like massage because it’s nice and relaxing. My favourite stroke is Bunny Hops.”

“I really enjoy massage because it makes me feel relaxed which helps me with my work. I like the Hairdresser stroke and Baker. I usually like my massages quite hard.”

“Massage wakes me up and I think it makes me work better. My favourite stroke is Baker.”

“I really like massage because it’s relaxing and fun.”

“My favourite stroke is Baker because it feels really nice.”

“I really like massage because it is really fun and it makes me feel very calm and happy! My favourite stroke is Baker.”

“I like massage because it wakes me up and it’s relaxing. I wish we had a longer time to do it! My favourite stroke is Baker.”

“I like massage because it makes you relaxed and my favourite stroke is the Bear Walk.”

“I like massage because it makes you feel really relaxed and afterwards it hepls with work.”


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