Auchinraith Primary

When delivering sessions within a school where parents/carers were invited in to do the massage in schools routine with their children, there is a lovely story of how it helped one child and his carer. This particular boy has many behavioural/anger issues and hadn’t been communicating very well at home.  He spent time showing his carer the routine and gave her a lovely massage, to which she praised him with a big smile and told him how much she had enjoyed it. The child was so happy with such an obvious positive response and realised that he had been responsible for doing something so nice, that he gave her a cuddle and kiss on the cheek. His carer was quite overwhelmed as this was the first he had offered any kind of warm emotion and was a turning point for both of them….hands_palm

One teacher said how touched she was to have a pupil who initially didn’t want to participate, gradually become involved until he finally volunteered to give a massage.  He changed from initially being very reluctant and hostile in the beginning to joining in and smiling from ear to ear!  He was delighted that he could offer, as well as receive, this lovely experience.

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