Denny Nursery School


For the past three years Denny Nursery has participated in the Massage in Schools Programme (MISP).

The programme was initially set up following in-service training delivered by two local health visitors who are members of the Massage in Schools Association (MISA). This then led to a 10 week pilot massage programme with one of the local health visitors. Due to the success of the 10 week programme, further sessions have been funded through the nursery budget.

Parental permission is sought before the children take part. Each session involves a small group of children who work in pairs. The children ask permission from each other before the session begins. Massage is carried out on clothed bodies and usually focuses on the head, shoulders, back and arms. Nikki (health visitor) demonstrates on an adult or prop and the children are encouraged to join in and follow the massage moves. Adults do not massage the children but do offer encouragement and direction.

denny01Each massage session is focused on the curriculum and the learning context of that particular time. Some sessions already covered have been weather, Mother’s Day and Christmas.

The Massage in Schools Programme is one of the initiatives which has helped us achieve our health promoting schools level 2 accreditation. Massage promotes the physical, social, spiritual, mental and emotional well being of all children and staff taking part.

Massage has several health benefits to children such as, increased self esteem and confidence, reduction in aggressive behaviour and improved concentration and co-operation.

At present, we are the only nursery in the area that are taking part in this fantastic programme.


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