Currie Primary

“I did Baby Massage with both my sons and when I heard about all the benefits of massage, I started to think about all the children that I have taught over the years that would have benefited from positive touch. I was delighted when I heard about the Massage In Schools Programme! I went on the course and was so impressed that I went back to our Head Teacher to tell her! She was able to find funding to pay for all our teaching staff to be trained. Now all children in our school are experiencing massage on a weekly basis. As well as following the routine, staff and children have also made up their own routines to fit in with the curriculum. These massages have ranged from ones about the alphabet, to minibeasts to The Titanic! The children all enjoy massage and have benefited from it in various ways some have commented that it makes them concentrate better, it is relaxing, it feels good and helps them to calm down. As a teacher, I really like it because it is all inclusive, I don’t need any resources, if fits into so many different parts of The Curriculum for Excellence and I can see so many fantastic benefits for the children that I teach!”

– Lynne Munro, Primary Teacher, Currie Primary School, Edinburgh


Quotes from a mixture of the year groups:

P2 “I like massage because it help me to relax. I also like it because the classroom is nice and quiet”

P3/4 “I love chemistry and I know that a chemical is released into the classroom that helps us. I can’t remember what it is called but I know it begins with an O!”

P4 “When it is firm, it helps me to concentrate. It helps me to cool down after lunch”

P5 “We don’t usually get to relax in school so that’s why I really like it”

P7 “I like it because we get to choose our partners. I know who the people in our class are at giving a good massage and we all want to go with them!”

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