Train your teachers!

It is worth remembering that children are very much ‘in’ their bodies, experiencing life moment by moment and need positive touch and movement in order to feel good and be ready for learning. There is plenty of scientific research to back up the fact that movement and touch grows children’s brains and nervous systems so we, as responsible adults, need to ensure it is incorporated into the education system.

logo_old_misp_mThe Massage in Schools Programme is a simple way to make sure children’s developmental needs are met when it comes to nurturing touch and positive movement. There are two ways that, as a teacher, you can bring the MISP into your classroom.

  1. Train to become an MISP Instructor, either by attending one of our open training courses held in Scotland or hold an in-house training in your school for all the staff.
  2. Invite a qualified MISP Instructor into your classroom and she/he will then implement the MISP with you and the children. Please note that new classes will require an instructor to come in and teach them.

We offer in-house trainings for organisations working with children and families. These are tailor-made for you and timings can be adapted to your needs. For more details contact Isabel Fraser,, 01968 661335, 07746 956758

What participants say about the course:

“The best course I have been on in my 30 years teaching”
…teacher from Glasgow
“Exceeded expectations”, “truly worthwhile”, “professional”, “fantastic presentation, well balanced and well organised course”

…teachers from a Renfrewshire training

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