Fenwick Primary School’s MISP

Promoting Wellbeing and Connection for Pupils, Staff and Families

Fenwick Primary School has been successfully using the Massage in Schools Programme since 2019 and have seen the positive benefits on pupil and staff wellbeing. Using MISP regularly across the school provides children with the skills and techniques to give and receive positive touch in a respectful and nurturing manner. MISP supports the social and emotional experiences and outcomes outlined in the Curriculum for Excellence HWB (Health and Wellbeing) benchmarks.

The programme fosters a sense of respect, empathy, and connection among our pupils. Using the MISP it enables children to develop essential social skills, such as cooperation and communication, while also enhancing their emotional literacy by promoting self-awareness and emotional regulation.

Recognising the importance of parental involvement we have organised a number of workshops for parents.  These sessions have allowed parents to learn about the principles and practices of the massage programme, enabling them to actively participate in their children’s learning and wellbeing journey. Feedback from parents have been very positive: 

  • “We will be doing more massage at home following this session”
  • “Felt good to bond a bit more and is something I will take away and do at home”
  • “My son says he enjoys this in school and it has a calming effect”

The Early Childhood Centre (ECC) at Fenwick Primary has introduced the Mini Massage Programme in its nursery classes. Following another successful parent workshop where parents explored the advantages of positive touch, children in the nursery have begun to incorporate these techniques into their weekly routine, fostering a nurturing and supportive environment. 

Judith Ross, Fenwick Primary School, East Ayrshire